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Empowering inclusive leadership through supported decision-making

Go beyond traditional leadership through the power of collaboration and supported decision-making within the Lewis Deep Democracy Framework. Empower your team by making every voice matter and achieve extraordinary results.


Helga Schepers is a Lewis Deep Democracy trainer and a transition process facilitator. She holds a Master’s Degree in Japanese Studies and a degree in Intercultural Management and International Communication, combining training with experience in navigating complex team dynamics and international stakeholders as a programme director. 

Helga champions inclusive leadership, embracing diversity and collective wisdom to drive extraordinary outcomes. She believes in learning from each other and enriching any decision process by making all voices count.


In company & open courses

Helga offers a range of in company and open workshops and trainings specifically for today’s leaders looking to learn more about supported decision making. 

Open training:
CoResolve Lewis Deep Democracy

During this two day long interactive workshop, you’ll get introduced to the CoResolve Lewis Deep Democracy facilitation methodology. A methodology made for resolving emotionally charged or diverse relationship and group dynamics. We’ll walk you through the main philosophy and working methods within Lewis Deep Democracy, gaining insights and hands-on practice in collaborative decision making.

Upcoming trainings

  • 18-19 April, Leuven (English

  • 4-5 June, Lille (English)


Max. 16 participants per session

Price: €550 (ecl. VAT)

In company

Interested in an in company training with your leadership team? Helga offers in company training in Lewis Deep Democracy.

Process facilitation

Drive great results for your team by booking Helga as a supported decision-making process facilitator.


If you’re looking to register for an in company or open training, please register through the form, via email or phone. 

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